Computer Science

MAC stands for —-?

A. Mass Access Control
B. Media Access Control
C. Mass Access Carraige
D. Media Access Carraige

Media Access Control (Answer)

Computer Science

PDF stands for —-?

A. Printed Document Format
B. Public Document Format
C. Portable Document Format
D. Published Document Format

Portable Document Format (Answer)

Computer Science

CRT stands for —?

A. Crystal Ray Tube
B. Cathode Ray Tube
C. Cabin Ray Tube
D. Carbon Ray Tube

Cathode Ray Tube (Answer)

Computer Science

PHP stands for ——?

A. Processor Hypertext Program
B. Hypertext Preprocessor
C. Pre Hypertext Processor
D. Pre Processor Hypertext

Hypertext Preprocessor (Answer)

Computer Science

SWF stands for —-?

A. Shut Wave Flash
B. Shock Wave Player
C. Shock Wave Flash
D. Shut Wave Flash

Shock Wave Flash (Answer)

Computer Science

ADF stands for —-?

A. All Disc Feeder
B. Automatic Document Feeder
C. Automatic Document Finder
D. Automatic Disc Finder

Automatic Document Feeder (Answer)

Computer Science

AGP stands for —-?

A. Accelerated Group Part
B. Advanced Graphics Port
C. Accelerated Graphics Port
D. Advanced Group Part

Accelerated Graphics Port (Answer)

Computer Science

LCD stands for —-?

A. Liquid Clear Display
B. Light Clear Display
C. Light Crystal Display
D. Liquid Crystal Display (Answer)

Liquid Crystal Display (Answer)


When economic development takes place

A. market imperfections increase
B. population increases
C. capital stock increases
D. both b and c

CORRECT ANSWER IS: both b and c


It is a measure of economic development

A. increase in national and per capita income
B. increase in working population
C. increase in personal incomes
D. both a and c

CORRECT ANSWER IS: increase in national and per capita income