Women Change the World. Shop Different.

Let's all encourage women to buy their holiday presents from fair-trade vendors selling products made by women artisans in developing countries! Earth Divas' campaign is called, "Divas4Divas - Women Change the World. Shop Different." We want to inspire women to consider how their consumer spending can have an important and positive economic impact on women in developing countries and help lift them out of poverty. Start shopping "smart" now! Check out the Divas4Divas pop-up site comprised of fair-trade enterprises selling products by women.

Handbags by Earth Divas;

HRBLO25/ $27.99 Hemp silk 3 patch shoulder bag.
HSBO11/ $25.99 Hemp and recylcled silk shoulder bag with silk crochet.
HSBO45/ $29.99 Recylcled silk ladies shoulder bag.

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